Disable license key registration


I’m going to work at a company that uses Rhino5 and I want to install my version 7 on one of their PCs.
On my 2 computers my license key is automatically used when Rhino starts.

Is it possible that Rhino does not retain the license key?

Currently, I can log out via the “Rhino Options > Licensing > Change your license key > Log out” option.
However, I have to do it manually every time. If I forget to do this and someone uses Rhino, I will no longer be able to use Rhino on my PC.

Secondary question:
If there is no possibility but the RhinoCommon API offers a solution, can you tell me?
I might consider writing a script or plugin to do this…


Hi Jmv,
to manage an installation on a pc that could be used by other user I would proceed like this:

  • make a team in Rhino account and register two different e-mails (one for your own pc and another for company’s pc)
  • On the company’s machine I would use the command logout each time I go back home to be sure that no license is retained (if you prefer, you can make a button with the command, no need to do via script).
  • If you forget to logout and someone is using your license from company’s pc you can access to your rhino accounts and delete that email in the team so they cannot login again.

Don’t know if disabling a user from a team will give you immediately the access to your license… you have to try.

Put your license in a rhino account, but make sure it is in the personal section. Install rhino wherever you want and simply log in using your email.

When you leave the work machine run the logout command and rhino will close.

If you forget, since the license is in your personal account, we allow you to take it from yourself. Understand this will take the license from the other machine and make it unable to save. So if anyone is using it without your permission, they will be a bit screwed.

Most work machines have a login for each user to get into them so this is a less likely scenario on an office machine. As you would likely log out before leaving for the day.

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Can you explain this procedure?
Is this the same I described on my answer (deleting the user from the team) or there is a “force logout” in the Rhino Accounts?

It happens automatically when you log into a new machine. The license assumes you know you are moving it from the pervious machines and allows you to do so. You can’t do this in a team as you’d take the license from another user… personal assumes you know you are taking it from your self.

Do not put your personal license in a team or you will not be able to do this process.

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Ah ok, with only one license it makes sense, I was thinking about mine situation with more than one licenses.
Well, I would like to have a “force logout” in the Administration’s Rhino Account… sometimes a pc is leaved on with a Rhino session open and if you need to obtain the license but no one is there to close it… would be a good thing to logout remotely (accepting the risk that the file wouldn’t be saved).

An automatic logout is on the wish list but not currently possible.
You will have to remember to save your file and then use the Logout command to extinguish your local lease and close Rhino, instead of just closing the application.

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Thank you all for your responses.

@theoutside this works great with licensing on a personal account.

Additionally, a dialog box appears stating that the license has been transferred to another computer when I open the second Rhino.

Which would allow the first user to call me to be able to save their work.

@John_Brock , The dialog (if a second Rhino application is open) only appears on the first computer.

On my second computer, I don’t get a notification that my license is already in use by someone.

It would be helpful to add this request to be alerted that someone might be bothered by this disconnect and act accordingly.

@lucio_zadra, your solution was more complicated for me but thanks for the _Logout tip, it’s much simpler : )

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The assumption for a Personal license, is ONLY YOU are using your license.
If you lose your mind and leave Rhino running on the remote computer and start Rhino on another computer, you will be asked if you want to use your license here. Clicking Yes flips the license to your current computer. The remote Rhino can Save and close but nothing else. No one will be using it since it’s your license in your Personal licenses.

If you are sharing your commercial license with other people, then the license would go into a Team instead.
If you lose your mind and leave Rhino running YOU CAN NOT take the license as someone else might be using it.

As Kyle described, this ability to take the license from yourself, it the main difference between Personal and Team licenses.

Does that make more sense now?

Oh Yes indeed, I had not done a test with a file edited on the first PC.
It’s perfect like that, the first user can save their work.
And indeed, the 2 PCs receive a notification…
perfect for me !!

Rhino licensing has NOTHING to do with file storage.

We are only talking about your Rhino single computer license jumping between computers.

You are responsible for saving your work and keeping backups.