Is it possible to remotely free a licence?

Hopefully an easy question. We have an issue where people don’t close their instance of rhino overnight which means that if they are absent the following day, that licence can’t be used until they return or we manually kill their PC which isn’t ideal.

The feature doesn’t seem to exist with the ‘recover’ option being greyed out. I understand this is for checked out licences but it would be handy if it could also free ‘in use’ licences and have that PC disabled from saving until reconnecting to the zoo much like when the trial period ends on a trail licence or something similar.

I also see how the administrative control of ‘get people to close your licence when you’re not using it’ is the obvious answer but as we all know, you can take a horse to water…

unfortunately no… due to the potential for data loss in doing so, we do not provide a way to do this.


I mean, it can’t be more data loss than hard restarting a PC manually but I get where you are coming from. I’ll admit I have no idea how the licencing works but if the above system where it basically just disables save could be implemented, that would be beyond helpful.

Regardless, I appreciate the quick reply. I guess we just have to try force them to drink! :man_facepalming:

Have you considered to write a shell script/ service which kills any open Rhino process at a given time? If people loose data its their fault.

I had not Tom. Thanks for the suggestion.

After some googling, I came across this post,

After some trial and error, running the pskill option as admin seems to let me remotely kill Rhino with little fuss.

Killing one application is a lot more surgical than the full nuclear option of hard restarting. Appreciate the tip!