Cloud Zoo license stuck

one user in our cloud zoo is stuck with a license that cannot be released back to the team.

We have tried:

  1. Turning Rhino 7 on/off
  2. Turning the computer on/off
  3. Kicking the user from the team and re-inviting him.
  4. Updating Rhino 7 to the current version

Could someone from support please send me a private message so we can solve it?

Thank you


Thank you @will for your help!
I will post your solution here, in case someone googles to this post in the future. I did it the hard way and it worked.

If (user) has access to their computer, please ask them to open Rhino and run the _Logout command. It may be necessary to do this in both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7, (if) both are currently in use on this computer.

If you don’t have access to the computer, you can do the following…

  1. Remove the user from the team
  2. Go to Rhino Accounts and click on the team
  3. Under “Manage team”, click “Void unauthorised leases…”
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Thanks for the tip!