(SOLVED) Fuzzy/Blurry (extra antialiased?) Toolbars

I haven’t noticed that before, but when I put Rhino5 and Rhino6 windows side by side, toolbar icons in V6 look fuzzy comparing to V5. Although texts are easier to read with antialias, icons lose their details (Look at the hand in Document Properties button). It wasn’t a problem for me before I noticed this but now I can’t unsee it :slight_smile:

Is there a way, maybe any registry tweak, to change it back to how it was in V5?


This is zoomed in Windows Magnifier before capturing:

Hmm, mine looks like this (V5 on the left):



I’m on Windows 8.1 here with standard 1920 x 1200 monitors, I have a laptop with Win 10 I can test, but no hi-res screens.

I have two displays. One 1920x1080 and one 3000x2000 laptop screen in %200 DPI scaling. It looks same on both displays.
The issue must be related to Windows UI scaling, however scaling only effects V6 here.

Hello - are your toolbars set to use the large icons?


No. Both set to medium size.
Tomorrow I’m gonna make a clean install of Rhino and see if there is a difference.

Hello - I do not think that will help - V6 icons are displayed larger if the Windows setting is scaled, and are fuzzed as a result

My guess is the 200% scaling is making this more noticeable. Here, though if I set V5 to use medium, the icons are very small on my 4k monitor, I use large in V5.


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Both V5 and V6 have same configuration here: Both set to medium size and resulting sizes are same. I may have applied the HDPI patch for V5 a few centuries ago, I am not sure. And the screenshots are not merged, the windows are placed on top of each other on same display which is %100 scaled 1920x1080px one. So, I’m gonna try at %100 scaling on both tomorrow and see if there is any difference.

Well, yes. Setting both displays to %100 makes V6 icons sharp again, but this this is unsuable for me as 3000x200 display is only 13,5" :slight_smile:

By the way, I discovered that Rhino uses 32px icons downscaled to 24px in all UI scales except %100, even though the medium button size is selected. Even %125 scaling uses 32px and result is fuzzy icons.
This is Document Properties icon in %200 scaled display: image
And this one is in %100 scale: image

Notice the different sizes of hand.

Adjusting V6 to use 24px icons all the time if medium button size is selected, whatever the OS UI scale is,will solve the problem, I guess.

Well, per-app disabling UI scale worked. Now I have crisp icons and text:

  1. Right-click Rhino.exe -> Properties
  2. Compatiblity tab -> Settings: [Change High DPI Settings]

On new window:

  1. Disabling High DPI scaling -> Check
  2. Choose “System”. (Choosing “Application” caused extra big UI in secondary display.)

Thanks for help.