Toolbar Window Display Scaling Issue

Hello! I recently downloaded Rhino 5 to my new laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 1700) and i’m having an issue where the toolbar set up gets scaled strangely and the text increases in size. This only happens when I open a file from the file tab or when I minimize the window. Thanks for your help.

Below are a few topics you can research that have been inquired about / addressed in others posts related to display issues:

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  2. Scroll down to the part of this thread that starts talking about Shell Extensions: Possible Bug?

  3. Additional display / resolution info that could be helpful:
    Rhinoceros 5 toolbar icons are really small

I believe you use a 64-bit Windows, please try the 64-bit version. The toolbar messed up problem only happens in the 32-bit version of Rhino 5. The best solution for the 32-bit version is…

Toolbars and Text Suddenly Shrink After Opening or Saving a File