4K Display on WINDOWS - Fixed

hello there,

I have a huge problem! I have a 4K Display and the Rhino symbols on the left side, on top and the “snap-bar” is very tiny. It is impossible to read anything…
However I tried to put the graphics down on the whole monitore, but this didn’t work, so i was looking for some settings direct in Rhino but couldn’t find anything…

Had anyone the same problem and solved it? Or can anybody else help me?
Thanks a lot,


There are a couple of things.
In the Windows Control Panel, use the Display applet to increase the size of icons and text to 150%-200%.
Then in Rhino Options - Toolbars - Sizes and Styles, set the icon size to large.
That should be much better.

Thank you very much, but the display applet doesn’t work in Rhino, only for the windows things. AndThe icon size was on medium, now its on large… it helped a little bit but not that much sorry

Don’t mean to be mean…but that’s about all you are going to get for the time being.

It’s a chicken/egg problem. Anyone in need of a new display should be loath to invest in yesterday’s technology, especially for a piece of HW with a 5+ year lifespan. Conversely, it is logical for developers to tend to respond to the market (size) rather than define it.

However, hi-res displays (current 4k, soon more prevalent 5k, and future 8k) are tailor made for professional CAD. Enterprising developers will get out in front of this for competitive advantage. (At least in my head they do…:))

Best users can do at this stage is to keep up the pressure. Squeaky wheel sometimes get the grease.

We are working on support for high resolution monitors for V6. These monitors did not exist when the Rhino V5 U/I was designed and built.

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Probably not what you want to hear, but I think you’ll need to downscale your display.

Rhino is very usable with a 4k laptop screen. The icons are a little small but models + linework look positively beautiful. The only part of the UI that is not usable is the bottom most information bar (showing x,y,z values and planar, osnap, smarttrack toggles etc). The text gets cut off and is unreadable. Would it be possible for McNeel to offer a patch tweaking just these parts of the UI for Rhino V5 before V6 comes out?


I believe that it will be beneficial to offer some help with higher resolutions, as it may be years until V6 is out in production, correct?

Rhetorical question: Your artists did draw the icons in 2D vector, did they not?

and using a “Corporate” version of Rhino!

Maybe you can get the “patch” you want from the “Corporate” guys… (since they’re good at “patching” stuff)


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Oh man !
I also think V5 deserves to have 4K support, but reading the request coming from a “corporate” user, downgrades the argument.
Shame :frowning:

Theoretically, adding something like 4K support would give McNeel an excuse to go on an advertising spree for Rhino 3D 5.5, thus keeping Rhino 3D in the brainshare of people everywhere : )

The devil is in the details of making it happen in v6, though any subset of planned 4K+ support that can be expeditiously SR added ASAP, if reasonably possible, would be appreciated by the user base, especially (and obviously) by those who have made the 4K leap or wish to do so ASAP.

Any work on adding features to V5 will only push the delivery of V6 further into the future…


I know this is a commonly used excuse for not doing something McNeel would rather not do, but in this case I think it’s a bit specious: If 4K support is going to be included in V6 anyway, how will V6 be delayed if the few simple extras needed for a more comfortable 4K experience were pulled ahead so they could be added to a V5 maintenance release?

What exactly would be on the exhaustive list of changes/additions needed to improve the 4K experience? I’m thinking:
a set of larger icons for all the toolbars
what else?

BTW, I have been using Rhino 5 on a MacBookPro Retina, which is pretty close to 4K, and a Dell 4K monitor with my desktop, and I don’t mind the small size of the largest icons. I need to adjust my mouse sensitivity and acceleration so I can hit them accurately, but I eventually got used to the small size. I’ve got lots of screen real estate for the viewports. And I’m not even a young guy with young eyes and young hand/arm muscle control. :smiley:

If it was that simple it would be done already. AFAICT the whole toolbar display/docking system also needs to be completely revamped. It’s such a mess already, I don’t see how this is an easy fix.


Well, yes, but that’s the same issue in any resolution, so IMHO it’s a separate issue.

It’s way too late for major plumbing changes in the V5 project. We still are fixing problems with V5 but they are all small tweaks and don’t effect many people. Big changes at this state in the life cycle are far too risky.
As was stated early on in this thread, the plan is the issue will be addressed for V6.


Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as you would imagine. I had to rewrite a pretty significant amount of code to properly support this in V6, and I still haven’t gotten it quite right yet. The issues that we use for tracking this have been kicked back to me since I still haven’t completely ‘fixed’ the issue to our testers satisfaction.

Just my 2-cents after reading jetbrains…

If it helps the task significantly and is doable, forget proper 4k support for Win7. Focus on Win 8.1 and Win 10. That’s where MS is focused relative to hi-res displays I beleive.