Side Bar Icons Really Messed Up

See image below. Top left.


When the interface for Rhino V5 was developed, these super high-resolution monitors like yours did not exist.
We are adding support for them for Rhino V6.

Here is a simple hack to make 64-bit Rhino V5 look just like 32-bit Rhino V5:

The way this works is Windows assumes that 32-bit applications are not high-resolution aware so Windows automatically applies display scaling.

64-bit applications like Rhino carry their high definition display manifest internally in the application. Rhino’s settings were designed before these higher resolution monitors were common.

The registry key tells Windows to use an external manifest if it exists. The manifest file tells Windows the application is not high resolution aware so Windows automatically scales the display just like a 32-bit application.

This is a hack that quickly makes 64-bit Rhino usable on these monitors.

The real fix will be what we’re doing in V6, and that is to control the display ourselves but design the settings to work well with these new higher resolution screens.

Some users find that after running a command that uses a Windows File dialog (like Open, SaveAs, etc.), the toolbar icons become squished into the corner of the application Window. This is most likely caused of Shell Extensions loaded by other applications that affect the Windows File dialog.
If you see this, then add the following Command to the “Run these commands everytime Rhino starts” section of Options > General:

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