Solid Collision Problem


I am trying to make a solid collision simulation. There’s a falling object and a bowl.
Please see the attached gh file. In my file, as the falling object collide the bowl, the bowl moves also.

How do I make the bowl stand still? Are there any more condition to be added?

Thanks in advance!


Solid (366.7 KB)

I’d suggest remeshing the input geometry and based on their shape and division I chose QuadRemesh. I tried to keep the vertice count as low as possible since that also reduces the time the solver takes to update. I’m almost always using Entwine to have a better data structure on the solver output. The normal solver keeps paths intact. The bouncy solver requires unflattening of the output data. (380.4 KB)


Hi Martin,

Thank you very much! This helps me a lot! I see that the “RigidBodyCollide” solver needs mesh input to get correct output. And thanks for the advice of using Entwine.

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