Kangaroo2 rigid body collision, bounces then drops through

Hello all,
Hoping someone can help with a small issue Im having.
Im trying to set up a rigid body collision so that the falling body bounces then comes to rest on the second body. At the moment I have gotten it to the point that they collide, the falling part bounces up but then falls through the second part instead of coming to rest on top of it.

I have tried adding a solid plane collide instead, but this isnt quite what I want since the plane is infinite and I just want the first body to rest on the second.
I have also tried cross referencing the two bodies, so they both collide with each other, but then I get the same results, just very slowly!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

test lift.3dm (457.7 KB)
test lift.gh (14.3 KB)