Rigid Body Collision BEHAVIOR

I try to simulate a simple rigid body collision.
As I understand, friction is not implemented in Kangaroo yet.
Beside from that I can’t find a way to master the behavior of the colliding objects.
Can someone give me some hints?
rigid_a_quest.gh (26.8 KB)

Is one of the objects always going to be a sphere? If so this can be done more simply, either using solid-pt collide with an offset of the non-spherical object, or I can share a ‘distance to solid’ goal.

Here’s a slightly improved version of your def, but it is still buggy - I’m working on an improved version of rigid collisions for the next release.
rigid_a_quest.gh (25.9 KB)

ballbowl.gh (29.3 KB)


Thx Daniel

No, the objects aren’t going to be always spheres.
I gather the main improvement to my file is including the Support-node,
wich obviously doesn’t always solves the problem.

I am just digging into the GH Physics.
When is it useful to connect the verticies to the RB node?
You disconnected those of the bowl.

In the graphic in your ballbowl.gh post, when it’s done and some frames before, do you see some residual shadows above the bowl in your browser? I’m using Safari and I do. Is it anything anyone wants to get excited about?

@luisseyfer - I’d recommend waiting for the next release - I see the collision is worse than I’d realised for non-convex meshes. I see where the problem is, but it might take a while to fix.
@AlW - the ghosting is just some artefact from the gif compression settings - no problem with your browser.