Solid Point Collide Issue

Hi everybody, I’m having a problem with Solid Point Collide component in Kangaroo2, I’ve a plane mesh with fixed measures and fixed anchor points, that i would like to drape over these two solids.
I’ve builded the definition, but the solver seems like to operate only on the biggest one, of the solids: i’ve also checked that the volumes are closed.
I try to operate with separeted solid and also joining them into one, or working directly converting solid into meshes, but the problem still remains.
I also try to use the different solver into Kangaroo2 but nothing changes.
What could be the problem?

I’ll attach here the definition,
Definizione_Telo (Physics).gh (165.9 KB)

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Something seems to be wrong with your solids…

As a general tip, collisions work better if the colliders aren’t too thin. I’d suggest to rebuild the perforated parts with one single box. Not exactly sure how you built the other part. I rebuilt it with a loft and now the collision works.

It’s not a perfect collision but at least it works.

A tighter mesh leads to a better solution. A multipipe on all edges of your colliders can be used to improve the situation on the edges. Generally speaking collisions with sharp edges are problematic. You can see how some vertices fall through and do not stay outside the collider. It is much better with a less sharp edge:

Definizione_Telo (Physics).gh (88.2 KB)

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Thank you so much for the help, as you done, I’ve tried to rebuild the little volume, before asking the community, without the holes, in a manual way, because for this purpose I don’t need them, but I failed. I’ll retry to rebuild using loft.


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