So many waffle scripts and tutorials

does anyone have a suggestion for a tutorial or definition that is like the “definitive/best” definition.there are so many floating around. and a lot are kind of old.

not really trying to solicit and get an easy way out, i want to learn the logic and flow behind it so i can customize it to my needs.

thanks in advance

I have always been a big fan of this site:


nice! thank you so much!

Here’s the approach I use for 3D Printed parts: Waffle bottoms

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you’ve curated a nice resource there! thank you!

Try Bowerbird or use Region slits (21.1 KB)


i have been using bowerbird, but i need polysurfaces and when i extrude the cross sections it makes using the mesh, i get all these weird surfaces that i have to rebuild. it’s kind of a drag.

thank you for the def. i’ll dive into it and see your technique! thank you!

I don’t understand what you mean by i need polysurfaces.

You can use this to get better result and the result are curves

i’ve played around with the mesh settings and it doesn’t seem to resolved my issue. maybe i need to look into something that will rebuild the curves before i extrude and boolean union that?

here’s the results i get with bowerbird.

Try with Region slits , i can’t understand the problem from the image or what you need exactly.
personally i don’t care about the result if i want print them or cut them with cnc machine.

I would try the script on a standard rhino box to start to make sure it works for you. Then if that works, it will be clear it something about the geometry is messing up the calibration. It so, we can take a look at the geometry that is being sliced.

Is there geometry being sliced a polysurface or a mesh?

it’s a polysurface that i’m meshing in the def since bowerbird uses meshes.

i know it’s silly to be this picky but for some “reason” the people that build from my drawings get confused if there are any “extra” lines or unnecessary lines. i know some i’m not going to be able to get rid of though.

Merge All faces in the solids menu might help.

But we can also recommend refined modeling techniques to create cleaner results if you want to send us the model.

it’s ok, i appreciate the offer though, if it wasn’t a “visual” preference i would take you up on it. thank you!