Problems Finding the right plane

Im still stuck with this script and deadline is coming :sweat_smile:
that is the last bit left to solve, anyway :wink:

Since my problem is to understand and use the new plane (there is something about planes Iam still confused) I cannot create the other box from mid point to down, in order to create the slits of the waffle. (I picked the points, even a reference line, but the angle and plane are a problem for me). (39.7 KB)

Hope someone can give me any advice again :wink:

I used a different plane as the basis for the box, the original SFrames flipped, then replaced your center box with a domain box. (46.3 KB)

I spent some time four years ago playing with this problem of notching intersecting “rafters” on a waffle roof:

OOPS! I see now this is a duplicate thread and I don’t have the full context without reading the first one, what came before. :man_facepalming:

Using Divide Domain to get two boxes in place of one: (51.8 KB)


No need to double post.
Waffle - Extruding geometry along a curve doesn't fit

Thank you! that was easier and more convenient to use the domain box and know exactly what component is necessary :wink:

ps. I am new here and wasn’t sure if the post would refresh for everyone only commenting on it, sorry to double it. @Fred_C

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