How to Make this waffle?

Here i am again. Plese someone help me.

I would like to do something like the attached photo. This work was made by Ju Croffi and Victor Calixto. I am attaching 2 files in GH. in an attempt to reach this model, using in one of them bounding box and the other one contour… Could someone give me a solution or solve this problem for me?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english. bouding (38.2 KB) (23.7 KB)

That is a pretty ambitious waffle. Don’t think you could get one of those at IHOP. Actually I have followed the waffle stuff on GH for a while and this could be interesting. Nicely done!

Thank you Joseph. Really it is a nice waffle. I’m stopped at a point where I do not know how to proceed. Should I use a bowerbird component to segment and plan my geometry?

There are some really good waffle definitions from a while back on the GH forum that I downloaded and tried. They were by a guy with what seemed like a Chinese name and that may help you in your search. They are old and probably no longer work in the present version of GH but it may be a start in your efforts. Good luck.

Well … I have a C# that does(*) that kind of stuff (working on a single BrepFace [i.e. a Surface + trim info]) but is 100% code and thus more or less useless to you. Bored to death (I don’t like waffles) I never added some other Methods required in order to work with collections of BrepFaces l(that’s not very simple, mind)

But if nobody else can point to some doable solution (must be, search the old GH Forum) maybe I’ll post the def here.

(*) That said …er … occasionally some boolean ops fail without any apparent reason (maybe a Rhino bug, maybe Karma maybe both - who cares?).

In real life and for some cases (NOT the one that you posted) you’ll need torsion free segments/beams (for obvious reasons) and one potential solution for that is post processing the solution via Kangaroo2 (also done solely via code).

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Check this as well:

Thank you again Peter! I’m trying to solve this problem here.
Your definition seems to me to be very interesting and your helanp is always welcome and shows me a way. Thank you again.

This means that you speak C#? If so the solution (for any waffle) is on sight.

BTW: I must add a few lines of code more for more WOW stuff [notably: blue Caribbean waffles that are far superior to any other waffle as any waffle aficionado can testify].

Peter did you know about a plugin named bowerbird? I start to believe that the definition can be more easy that i thinked.

I have no idea what Bowerbird is and what it does (BTW: I never use any plug-in for my stuff, whilst I use very few (the clasic ones: K1/2, LB, WB etc ) for occasionally helping people).

Just by curiosity
Did you test radial waffle in Bowerbird ?
I used it once it is very simple.

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Yes! Im studying this plugin here, and the tag examples are the same printed on that waffle. Bowerbird save a lot of time, but my input mesh geometry are not close and refined yet :confused:

I also replied on old forum. You forgot to internalize data, its hard to answer on this subject without geometry.

I’ve made it. In a Linear (loft) and Radial configuration. I’d picked a shape in a serie of iterations to develop the most plausible one in a 1:1 scale. I’ll post here the pics of the final building when its done. Thanks to everyone who helped me, special regards to Peter Fotiadis.

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Well … I did nothing actually (but provide you mail: you’ll never know what Santa may bring to you):


That’s a very nice waffle Peter. Could you possible upload the definition? :blush:

Requires some bug fixes because currently you can make only blue and magenta waffles (goal was black and grey … but @&@^@ happens).

BTW: it’s 100% C#

Yeah no problem. I don’t need it, just interested for the future. You’ll never know when you need something :see_no_evil:

Isn’t all from you 100% C#? :smiley: