Waffle - Extruding geometry along a curve doesn't fit

Hi! That’s my first post, venturing myself in this world of grasshopper for the last 3 months, but not much progress so far.

To create the waffle structure of the pavilion I used the curves of the surface division. The columns are ok, but the beams are not quite following a fair extrusion. Some of them are outside the “dome” and changing rotation. How can I orient these squares in order to fit in the columns’ profile?

It seems to be easy, but I am crashing my brain for 2 days looking for tutorials and nothing helped me specifically, I appreciate any advice!

TEST1.gh (21.7 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

TEST1_re.gh (27.9 KB)


Oh my!! just perfect! thanks so much, @HS_Kim :star_struck:

Im still stuck with this script and deadline is coming :sweat_smile:

Since my problem is to understand and use the new plane (there is something about planes Iam still confused) I cannot create the other box from mid point to down, in order to create the slits of the waffle. (I picked the points, even a reference line, but the angle and plane are a problem for me).

Hope someone can give me any advice again

TEST2.gh (39.7 KB)
Best regards!