SNAPSHOT in detail viewport layout?


This has already been discuss in a previous topic, however because i consider this option as very interesting would it be possible to update snapshot tool to be effective in specific details views like for clipping plane??
This would allows for example:

exploded view
different physical configuration (open door, rotate crane, etc…)
different aesthetic option (color material…)

I guess that’s might be a lot of work, but if designers see the great improvement of this feature, please show your interest to Mc Neel team!


So no one is interested in this feature?
To Mc Neel team, is it possible or does that represent too much work?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #4

@andy and @lars will be able to say more on this.


@andy @lars could you tell me more on this?:slight_smile:
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Should i construe the non response as the fact that this feature is not possible?

(Andrew le Bihan) #7

Nope - it’s more like Lars is on holiday, and I don’t know the answer :slight_smile:


Great there is still hope!


@lars , I guess you’re not in holiday anymore, would you have an answer for that feature?
If you’re answer is no, i really think this should be add on the request list as this would improve a lot the layout management capability.
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It sounds like a useful feature but it requires big changes. At the moment the detail views only show the current state of the document. Your request would require multiple documents as I see it.
I added it to the wish list:


Great to ear that it’s also sound useful and that’s added to the wish list.
For me the document would be the all 3d model and saved position view etc…states as layouts well the alll 3dm file. As snapshot is able to retain states of the 3d model and as details view are able to retain only selected layers or even objects and clipping planes independently of the “document” as you mention, i tought they should be able to show a specific state of the model (undependently of the “working or active 3d model”). I hope developers will find a solution or workaround.
Looking forward for this great features which would considerably improve layout in Rhino.
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