SNAPSHOT in detail viewport layout?

This has already been discuss in a previous topic, however because i consider this option as very interesting would it be possible to update snapshot tool to be effective in specific details views like for clipping plane??
This would allows for example:

exploded view
different physical configuration (open door, rotate crane, etc…)
different aesthetic option (color material…)

I guess that’s might be a lot of work, but if designers see the great improvement of this feature, please show your interest to Mc Neel team!

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So no one is interested in this feature?
To Mc Neel team, is it possible or does that represent too much work?

@andy and @lars will be able to say more on this.

@andy @lars could you tell me more on this?:slight_smile:
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Should i construe the non response as the fact that this feature is not possible?

Nope - it’s more like Lars is on holiday, and I don’t know the answer :slight_smile:

Great there is still hope!

@lars , I guess you’re not in holiday anymore, would you have an answer for that feature?
If you’re answer is no, i really think this should be add on the request list as this would improve a lot the layout management capability.
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It sounds like a useful feature but it requires big changes. At the moment the detail views only show the current state of the document. Your request would require multiple documents as I see it.
I added it to the wish list:

Great to ear that it’s also sound useful and that’s added to the wish list.
For me the document would be the all 3d model and saved position view etc…states as layouts well the alll 3dm file. As snapshot is able to retain states of the 3d model and as details view are able to retain only selected layers or even objects and clipping planes independently of the “document” as you mention, i tought they should be able to show a specific state of the model (undependently of the “working or active 3d model”). I hope developers will find a solution or workaround.
Looking forward for this great features which would considerably improve layout in Rhino.
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Hi @lars, all,

The main use of layout pages and detail views for us is to do design documentation and because detail views can only show the current model state I really don’t see the point of them.

Snapshots is the only way that we can see all possible combinations of the things we want to show, but since snapshots only work in model view, we can to export each one and create layouts in Indesign, outsider of Rhino.

So you have layouts (how you want to document) for your design/model shown in various views, pages, annotations, but it cannot show different model states.

And you have snapshot, or model states, (what you want to documents), but you only have this in a live viewport/model view, not in pages.

You have the what and the how. But in incompatible forms.

Hopefully with the introduction of layout panels you can also consider making snapshots working in the layout space.

This would be a really powerful combination IMO.




Hi @lars, All,

I’ve spent a few hours today to update a very long documentation project because a few parts of the model changed and all the views needed to be updated.

The friction happens in 2 places:

  1. I cannot do any layouts in Rhino because I cannot access snapshots in Rhino.
    So I have to make my multi-page layout in Indesign and export all the snapshots there. If I see that some 3D views do not work well in a page layout, I have to go back to Rhino move them around some (kind of blindly since I don’t have the neighboring views of that page in layout in Rhino). Then re-export all my snapshots again to update the Indesign links. Thanks to @pascal’s I can at least export all of them at once automatically. I Just wish now there was also a way to export only selected snapshots. (source here: Snapshot output)

For example, what if I only want to update these 2 in my document:

It’s not a big deal in this document, but things get messy when you have 20+ snapshots.

so two wishes here:
1A. Can we have a version of that allows us to only export selected?
1B. Can we really embrace the power of Snapshots and change the code so it does work in Layout?

  1. if One part changes (we do modeling changes in separate files, we keep snapshops and views stuff in different files), then I have no idea how to replace an object by its newer version and maintain my entire file still working the same: all my snapshops still working and the new object behaves just like the older object that replaced it. How do I do this?

One wish here: Replace/Copy/match snapshot properties?



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Hi Gustavo- remind me what the script does, exactly…? There are so many…


Hi @pascal, it exports all your snapshots in your Rhino files as .pngs to a user-selected folder. Each .png is names same as the snapshot name.

Sometimes I want to change just one snapshot and re-export that specific updated snapshot, not all of them.

@gustojunk - see if this is it… (4.0 KB)


awesome! that solves the 1A problem. Thanks!

Any ideas what to do to replace an object by a new one that inherits all the appearance/properties/snapshot properties of the only one?


Hm. No, right off hand I do not see a good way to do that…


I noticed that I can change the name and the layer of an object, and all the snapshop properties remain. So what’s making that object uniquely traceable? ObjectID?

Hold on a bit - it looks like it is possible - I have it working for position at least.

@gustojunk - I don’t know what collateral damage might ensue but something to try: (567 Bytes)


Not working for position here. I’m sending you a file/video by email