Snapshots in layout details

I have a few snapshots saved, I want use 3 of them in 3 different detail views on a single layout page, is this possible ? I don’t seem to be able to get them to work :thinking:

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pictureframe command? also might have to change your print settings to raster. I forget.

you can do this without snapshot although it makes a larger filesize.

save your view. go to layout, add detail view. go to your view. lock your detail.

you save a view by right clicking the viewport view, set view, named views – you save your view there.

thanks for chipping in, my problem is that when I choose a saved snapshot in a detail window it changes the other details too, I was hoping that each detail window on the layout page would show 3 different snapshots

It should, that’s weird.

detail > add view — you have 3 of these?

you have separate details that are in sync?

yes I have 3 snapshots saved of the same object, with different poly surfaces pulled from the object to show the construction, I want to have 3 different detail windows on one layout page showing the 3 different snapshots, hope that makes sense :crazy_face:

Yeah, I guess this is global, only, not per detail.


same outcome if you use named position, I’m guessing this is intended Pascal ? Would be nice to have these stick to a detail view as the different saved views :slight_smile:

Hello - I’d say it’s not so much an intentional thing as an inherent limitation - for example, positions apply to top level objects - those are in the same location/orientation in the model no matter what view is looking at them at any given moment.


still confused. but I’m super curious where you are at. can you send a screenshot of your layout? everytime I do what i think you’re talking about, it works fine. Also not sure what Global is referring to…

would be great if snapshots worked in detail view.

It should be possible to set a specific snapshot per view.
What you see in the detail should not be changed when you activate another snapshot.
The scale of the detail should not change when you activate the snapshot (it does this even when detail is locked).


if snapshots could be adapted to work like this it would be a great addition to layout pages :slight_smile: