SNAPSHOT in detail viewport layout?

I replaced the script above - try that one…


@pascal, I think I figure it out. I was doing it backward.

I have old object: ‘snapshots saavy’ and new object: ‘snapshop clueless’

Script asks:

  1. “Select Object to replace” >>> I was selecting ‘snapshots saavy’
  2. “Select Replacement Object” >>> I was selecting ‘snapshop clueless’

but the prompts are backwards!

if I reverse my selection it works

No, I think I had it backwards in the UI - I think my revised version above is correct…?


Yes. It works as expected now! Only weird thing is that there’s no yellow selection highlight so you are never sure if you are hitting the right object (in a busy assembly).

I’ll make it flash more - hold on a bit…

Flashier (616 Bytes)


that works great! Thanks Pascal.

…now I’m seeing another problem with snapshops: I have no way to know if I’m on my saved view or if I moved it.

If I open a saved scene with 4 saved snapshots, with from my user POV are also saved views, every single one of these snapshops shows me the view name with as asterik, as if it was unsaved:


This is with saved views, where I did not touch anything. If I pan around a bit I have no way of knowing I did so because this is when the asterisk should show up, but it was there all along.

I only get a warning when I try to move to another snapshop (asking me if I want to save my view change), but that’s not the time when such information is useful.

Does this make sense?


No. Doesn’t make sense. Send me a file.

1B !!! Please

I know this is an old thread, but is there a way to also have the replacement object take the position of the object that was replaced?