Change colour of object only in detail view How?


I wish to differentiate parts of an item only in detail view to make for better understanding and portrayal of the parts in the ortho views in Layout view.
I dont want to upset the visual appearance in normal modelling space, shades of blue grey.

How is this done ?



Hi Steve, the way I’d do this is chuck a few basic materials, probably plastic and have your detail view in rendered mode. Maybe this would achieve the results you want

Another way, a bit hacky, is using “Snapshots” (which have their own panel). In case you don’t know them - they are like Layer States on steroids, and can store pretty much everything, also material settings and assignments.

You could set up a snapshot for model space, and another one for the re-colored layout space version.
Unfortunately, you need to manually restore them when you want your other look.

Which brings me (again) to this wish:
Snapshots should be a property of a detail viewport!


All this would do is automatically restore the chosen snapshot when the detail needs to be drawn.
Low hanging fruit? After all, the mechanism is there, it’s just not automated.

This could be Rhino’s equivalent to, say, Archicad’s “graphical overrides” or Revit’s “view templates”.

HI Eugen -

Not at all, I’m afraid. Whenever you switch to a layout, zoom in, pan, etc, the detail needs to be drawn. If you’d happen to have two details with different snapshots, one of those would be wrong.
I’ve added this thread to RH-10770 Bake to PictureFrame

Ok, not as easy… (again).
But you do see the meaningfulness of such a feature, right?
Being able to share a snapshot (=scene state) between any viewports, and have the viewports update should the assigned snapshot be changed would be a real power feature!

Right, just tested: applying a snapshot with different material settings to one detail changes the materials in the other details, too… not so fancy.
So, the trick would be to make this happen nonetheless… =)
Viewports CAN have different settings already, after all. Display mode and layer states, which are part of a snapshot already.

Adding something like per-viewport material settings… that a heavy investment?

However I can see that there might be performace issues involved, so caching details as pictures (RH-10770) will surely help.

Let me share some Archicad experience, since I use it frequently now: performance is an issue sometimes, but due to it’s flexibility you still get the job done quickly enough, which is more important.

As ususal, you can place views on layouts there. If the ‘auto-update’ flag is set for such a view, it will immediately start updating should anything change in the scene (the model, layer states, graphical overrides, …), which can take quite some time. Definitely not realtime, anyways. Normally you have to sit and watch the rebuild process. But then you got a perfectly updated layout sheet which can be exported as is.