SmartTrack on knots and intersections

Anyone else having this issue?

Rhino doesnt seem to put the white smarttrack point on any knot or int ?

Is there a fix ?

Hello - my guess is these are left out because there are potentially so many of them - I’ll ask. Meantime, if you snap but do not click on one of these and press Ctrl down for a moment, a smart point will be added.



aha ! I didn’t know about the Ctrl feature. That is helpful!

Hi Pascal

Is this a windows thing ?

I am not able to reproduce that behaviour here.
Rhino for Mac version (7.6.21124.09002, 2021-05-04)

Rodolfo Santos

Salut Rodolfo,

On the Mac, with SmartTrack enabled, you press the cmd key to place a smart point.

Got it, thanks, Wim.

Rodolfo Santos.

“Int ignored” when capturing SmartTrack points should be mentioned in the help. The text “Capture smart points automatically by hovering briefly over an object snap point” is misleading:

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Hi Peter -

DOC-305 RH Help: Smart track doesn’t automatically create smart points on all osnaps