Double clicking cmd


… doesn’t remove smart(track)points anymore (latest WIP: 6.13.19029.12036, 2019-01-29).



This is still a problem in the latest WIP (6.14.19036.12056, 2019-02-05).


(Wim Dekeyser) #4

Hi Philip,
I see that.

I’m having problems creating the smart points as well, though. I.e. not just a problem with clearing them. Just to be able to compare - what do you have your SmartTrack settings set at? I have set the activation to 3000 milliseconds and basically only create smart points with a Command ⌘ click.


Yes, I see that as well - forgot to mention.

I have them at default 300 milliseconds.


(Wim Dekeyser) #6

This one is now reported as RH-50755.