Possible odd little SmartTrack Bug

Ok. This is a little tricky to describe in words.
Normal behavior: One way to draw a line is to click a point, type in a dimension, hit enter, the line is then represented at the dimension entered, but not yet created, then I click a second point, and I have a line at the appropriate entered dimension created in the document.

Ok, so the odd behavior I am noticing this morning that makes it impossible to draw in Rhino: Have a line that is already drawn, pick up it’s end as a SmartTrack point, bring that SmartTrack point down to an intersection with another line, click on that actual spot that is indicated by the SmartTrack point(the intersection of the dashed line from the SmartTrack and an already existing line), enter a dimension and here is where the behavior begins to diverge from matching the previous sequence, when I hit enter it doesn’t just represent the line, but creates the line and ends the command. But not only that, it doesn’t create the right length line. It creates a line that properly starts at where I clicked the start point, but makes the wrong length line. I have been trying it out in various ways and have not found any pattern to the dimension that is created other than it just isn’t what I am typing in.


Hi Carter - no helpful thoughts anyway… so far here it is working as expected - once the first point is placed, and a number + Enter is typed, the usual distance constraint kicks in and my line can pivot around its start point at the length I entered until I click again.


Thanks for the explanation, I think I’m doing the same thing but not having the problem of the line not being the length I enter. I also don’t know if this will help you but try typing the value you want to limit the length to after the first point is placed and prior to smart tracking to the end point. If that doesn’t help, can you post a file and maybe screenshots or better yet a video capture?

Thanks for the reply.

So let’s break this down into two separate issues.

  1. Normally the process goes: click point, enter dimension, properly dimensioned line is ‘represented’ but not in place, then second point is click and I have a properly dimensioned line. After capturing a SmartTrack reference point, then using it to align somewhere else, I click the start point, enter a dimension, but then instead of giving me the representation of line, it just then makes the line. I feel that it should give me the representation first, then wait for me to click a second point in order to create the line.

  2. The second issue is when using the SmartTrack reference point the dimension of the line created is not accurate. I quit Rhino, started a new file, and it took a few attempts of entering in the dimension after picking up the SmartTrack reference point, AND after clicking the start point.

I will look into video capture…

Ok. Couldn’t get #1 to reproduce in the video, but #2 does in several ways, one as an inaccurate dimension, and two as popping out of the command altogether. Rhino dimension bug.mp4 (7.7 MB)