Slow Render with vray for rhino

hello everyone.

Recently I built my PC. I have 32gb ram with a geforce gtx 1080ti and an intel i7 8700k. and a 500gb ssd.
Is it normal that my vray for rhino is not rendering and crashing at only 2000x1000 resolution output ? I noticed that vray was using only view gb from my ram and I couldn’t add more then 8192 to the dynemic memory limit. could that be the problem and why vray is not letting me add more to the limit ? since i have 32 gb ?

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I didn’t get what you mean can you be more clear please ? thank you

When you created your message, you assigned it to “Rhino for Windows”. I changed it to Rendering > V-Ray so it would be where the right group of people are most likely to see it.

OOoo ok thanks alot I am new here.

No worries. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted your message to be seen by the people most likely to be able to help.


Your problem sounds odd, there should much higher renderings possible. What versions of OS, Vray and Rhino you are using? How much polygons are used in your scene (_PolygonCount)?

I am using rhino 5 with v-ray 1.5 on windows 10 as for the polygon count i got this :
There are 532295 quadrilateral polygons and 942316 triangular polygons in this model
There would be 2006906 total triangular polygons in this model after forced triangulation

I never want to assume, but are you using Rhino 5 64bit?

well yes

k, I know there is Rhino 5 32 bit and Vray 1.5 32 bit. I used to use both 32 and 64 bit versions of both. If you manually mesh model before rendering does it still crash?

Polygon count sounds ok. At the 64bit version there shouldn’t be a tight RAM limit. How much RAM is used by the Rhino.exe if you observe the task during the crash?

Maybe the old VfR1.5 doesn’t work well with Windows 10.

I didn’t get that what do you mean by manually mesh ?

2000 maximu. That’s what I thought also I will try to put a new version on it.