Runtime error when rendering in vray

I am running Rhino 4.0 SR9 and Vray 1.0, they both have the most current updates. The problem is I keep getting this error message when I try to do high res renderings. This always happens during the ‘building light cache’ phase of rendering around the 20-30% mark.

I’ve reinstalled both Rhino and Vray, and I am still getting this error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


How is your memory usage?
Rhino 4 is 32 bit and can’t use unlimited amount of ram, so this might be the cause.
But 2000x1000 isn’t very large though. So how large can you go?

As Holo suggested keep an eye on memory. If I’m not mistaken, V-Ray wants to render about 9 million faces. That’s pretty huge. 32bit is limited to a max of about 4gig of memory depending on your OS and physical RAM.

The V-Ray plugin runs within the scope of Rhino so first of all it’s the Rhino app holding those large meshes plus the NURBS surfaces and then there’s a copy of the mesh going to the render engine. Pretty easy to hit the 32bit memory limit right there.

Hello, sorry for my english. Thay happends to me too, y solved the problem. In my case was de imagen of the mapping, ther is one or more material with a map that i making thar error. I dont know why, but you hace to open de image of de maping, in paint and save again there. that shoud do it, please tell my if it works. My email is