Rhino and V Ray crash

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to render with V Ray but I’m crashing almost as soon as my render starts with a relatively small output size on medium quality. I’m using 16GB RAM and an I7 processor so I’m hoping it’s not systems related. The scene is quite complex with multiple v ray materials which have bump and displacement maps and an imported v ray scene that consists of a lot of sphere lights. The file itself is around 620MB which I know is quite big but I’m pretty sure my system has rendered larger file sizes in the past. Any help would be really appreciated

Best you look at the taskmanager and observe the RAM usage. Is it strong increasing until the limit? Do you use GPU or CPU rendering?

On opening the file I go to around 60% RAM, as soon as I open the asset editor my CPU goes to 98% but then falls again. The RAM nearly maxes out on compiling geometry at the start of the render but then falls to around 55%, builds the light cache for about 5 seconds and crashes. I’m using CPU rendering

Doesn’t sound good. I would install more RAM. More than enough RAM is one of the most important things for having fun on a PC. :wink:

Maybe the displacement is to fine and a lower setup helps.

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Try rendering without displacement OR without light cache and see if it still crashes. It’s most likely ram related like @Micha has mentioned. Using brute force bucket rendering uses the least amount of memory.
Also other things you can do is reducing the amount of objects in your scene. This can be done by combining meshes with the same material into one mesh using join. Check your scene for bad objects. These can cause huge render meshes. Do you use edge softening from Rhino? If so, avoid it and use Vrays edge bump.

I’ve scrapped my displacement maps and deleted the bad objects and it’s almost maxing out now but is rendering. Thanks for the help guys I’ll definitely look into getting more RAM for the future