Rhino & Vray crashing whilst rendering

I’m trying to render out some interior views of a yacht, and not only do they take an incredible amount of time with medium quality settings and only at 3000x1800 px, but more importantly Vray & Rhino quit randomly whilst the computer is rendering.

What I’m having to do is render the vrlmap and vrmap first then use the Render Window button to produce the image in pieces, save each time it completes in the VRay History and then move on to the next portion. I can’t work out if it is my computer, the models or the software, but it happens a lot and with different models/scenes.

Does anybody else experience crashes like this?

Is there anyone I can contact at Chaos/McNeel that can help me work out the cause of my problems? If I send of the crash report I simply get a message back saying it was the fault of vray and the crash report has been forwarded on and that is the last I hear.

If anyone can help me with this I’d be extremely grateful!

(I’ve tried logging into the Chaos group forum, but i can’t get posting rights despite following their instructions!)

Did you get feedback on this?
If not, you could email directly to Chaosgroup support about your crash problem and your forum access.
These kinds of crash, when happening on different scenes, may mean a computer problem. You could try to find the simplest scene with which you’re having the problem and post it here so we can investigate.
@fpedrogo or @matt_newberg, if not on holidays, could chime in


Everything you mention seems very abnormal. Without more information it would be hard to tell what is going on. If you could email your model / version number / steps to reproduce to vrayrhino@chaosgroup.com or support@chaosgroup.com we can look into your issue into more detail.

There is a new service release that claims to fix a lot of the lock-ups and crashes. Check it out at link

Make sure you are not running out of RAM. You are hopefully running Windows + Rhino + V-Ray all in 64-bit with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, 16 recommended.

Thanks for the replies.

It happens with models that are fairly large - I render yacht exteriors and interiors and they are usually +100mb. I thought I’d narrowed it down a while ago to the HDRI map - when rendering an animation I removed things one at a time unti it stopped crashing and once I’d removed the HDRI, it completed the animation, however it wasn’t what I wanted. Even having reduced the file size of the HDRI it still crashes.

I’ve seen the new vray update, but as I have nightly access some of these updates have not yet solved my issue. I will update the new version tonight and give it a go with a model/settings i know that crashed last time. I have seen it crash the moment the render finishes as well, but it also crashes mid-render.

My home-built computer spec is:
Intel i7 3930K (C2) @ 3.2GHz
NVIDIA Quadro 2000
Noctua NH-D14 dual radiator
Silverstone Strider 850W power pack
Asus Z77 Sabertoth mother board
Win7 x64

I always try and keep on top of updates.

Well, so far so good with the latest update. I’ve run a render that i know crashed just last weekend, but today it has done it and completed it. Took all day to do the 3000x1800 px image, but even so, it has completed it. I’ll have to run a few more tests (including an animation) before I can probably be safe to render my final images straight off in one go. Watch this space!


Hey Jonathan

An all-day render is a long time! If your home or office has other computers, you should install V-Ray on them to get a NICE speed boost via their DR Spawner technology. The software can be installed on up to nine other computers, but make sure they are all networked via wires / no wireless.

Unlike other rendering apps, there is no extra charge for this crazy boost in speed. Also, you DO NOT need to have Rhino on the other computers. Every damn computer in my office helps out! I feel like I’m in the future, woot.


Thanks Dave, this is my home office, so just my 1 PC at the moment. This was built specifically for Rhino & VRay and has 6-core porcessor with HT. I used to use DR at a previous company and used to love watching the 30 odd buckets flying across the render. I only have 1 PC but have two Macs and have wondered if DR would work on a Mac with Parallels for example - perhaps I’ll ask the question in a new thread. :wink:

I think a lot of the issues with render time is the light settings perhaps being too high quality for what I need. Being an interior render it has HDRI lgithing, sunlight and numerous small lights around the cabin as well.

Am running another test with lower IRMap settings to see the difference in time and quality.