Rhino crashing when rendering with Vray

Hi there, I´m using Rhinoceros 5.0 and rendering with Vray v.200239. I´m working in a very large model and every time i try to render Rhino crashes. Is there someone that could tell me a possible solution to the problem?

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Einar Sigthorsson

Look at the task manager to see if you ran out of RAM.
If so, you may have to use one or several of the technique to use less RAM such as external blocks, V-Ray proxys, etc.

is it allways crashing in first try or after rendering one shot. if the second is your problem might be multiple texture mapping at your one or multiple objects. i was going crazy because of this multiple texture mapping (which was not intentionally done)


If there is any corrupted or mangled geometry, that could also be a culprit. Last semester, we had a student do a revolve about nine times (instead of just once = 360) so this geometry caused V-Ray to crash so hard, it locked up Rhino and you had to re-boot Windows.

Worst. crash. ever.

Please make clean stuff.

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