Vray and RAM

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Just a question about the hardware for a workstation that will be used strictly for vray rendering.

I am considering updating my ram from 16gb to 32gb. I am not sure if vray relies more on the cpu, gpu or ram. Since I cannot quite update the cpu (intel i7- 4th gen), I want to see if it’s worth money.

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Adding more ram helps V-ray do things larger - Large image dimensions and large amounts of objects in the file. I can do 10,000x10,000 pixel renders pretty easily on 16 gb of ram. Faster ram definitely helps.

Hi Zf32,
What are your actual needs? Are you running out of RAM while rendering? Otherwise you don’t need to upgrade RAM now. If you want to keep your current CPU but want to speed up your renderings, you can buy a new graphic card (e.g. GeForce 1070Ti or 1080Ti) and start using hybrid rendering (CPU+GPU) in VRay 3.6. However some material properties are not supported while using GPU.


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Hi Guys,

Thank you for your answer. I checked my stats while rendering and I don’t think the RAM is at 100% (it tops around 10gb). I am not sure if its some allocation that the software has dedicated or something else.

This may sound like a dump question, does Vray 3.6 support rhino 5?



Yes, you can both downlaod VRay 3.6 for Rhino 5 and for Rhino 6. It’s worth it if you’re eligible.

That may be all it requires. It wont use all of your ram if it doesn’t need to. Try setting the render resolution to a higher value like 15,000 x 15,000 and hit render and then check the ram usage.

Thank you guys for your help. I appreciate the support!

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