Slab materials

(Andreas Walther) #1

is there an option to define a separate material for the sides of a slab? I am able to define 2 layers for the slab and assign individual materials to them, so I end up with different appearances for the floor and the ceiling as intended. However the side view is showing those two layers at places the slab is cut like in the attached pic. I would like to be able to assign a custom material to the sides, so I would have a homogeneous appearance without adding additional geometry.

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(Francesc Salla) #2

It’s not possible unfortunately. You need to put extra geometry on the slab sides.

(Andreas Walther) #3

thanks you Francesc for your reply, I think I would like to make this a wish then!

We are doing architectural visualisations and I am currently evaluating if VA could possibly save us some time without introducing to much “overhead”.
I personally think that VA has a lot of potential for this industry, since we have to change the client designs a lot, so parametrization beyond blocks would be a very welcomed thing, but at the end of the day it is often simple things like this “slab material thing” which can speed up your workflow, since it is saving you from having to do extra unnecessary repetitive work.



(Francesc Salla) #4

Hi walther,
I’ve added this request for the wish-list. So I’ll let you know when there are news.
I can think about a workaround trick for this case. You could create a 3 layer slab style. You can make the top and bottom layers very thin, for the top and bottom surface materials. The one in the middle would be the thick one that has the slab side material.

(Andreas Walther) #5

Hi Francesc,
thanks for the suggestion, I also thought about that and we did this in the past with grouped rhino geometry (without using VA…)
However this approach introduces a new problem so we abandoned it, If you go very small, you will mess up your object snap, meaning you cannot see /tell which layer it is referring to, which will produce small very, very annoying inaccuracies in your model in the long run.



(Francesc Salla) #6

That makes sense. I’ll keep you posted whenever there are news on this feature.