Material & thickening of the wall

I have 20 walls and I want to add a material for each wall different from the other, do I have to do new types to achieve this thing
The same question, but if I want to change the thickening of the wall, should I do a new type as well?
This is tired and boring :pleading_face:

You have to edit any wall then change any thing like material… thickness… Etc.

all walls in the same style

Hi @jon-vrin,

I’m happy to announce that VisualARQ 2.6 will support per-wall layer thickness, just like slabs already support that. Moreover, we also added bottom and top per-layer offset, which allows different height per wall layer (one of the most demanded features):

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to change the layer material per wall instance.
Why do you need to change the material of a layer on each wall?



thank you very much !
The changeover of materials is very useful in interior designs (this characteristic is found in the archiCAD) very useful,
In this example you will understand what it means

thank you very much !
I found the answer (by split)

Hi, problem: I assigned a material (bricks) to the outer layer of a wall, in the realistic view everything is ok with rhino render no, how do I solve it? Thanks

I only just saw this post. Is this the first step to make floor - wall intersections in the future (structural layer of floor connect to structural layer of wall)?

Hi @alessandri_ale,

Could you send the model to ?