Sketchup to rhino

Hi, is there a way to import a model from sketchup to rhino without the imported model looking like a mesh on rhino? Because the model is a solid in sketchup, why doesn’t it show up as a solid on rhino? :slight_smile:

because solid in sketchup will always be a mesh, closed but a mesh. not nurbs.

@DiegoKrause - you can bring in skp models as trimmed faces, similar to running ToNurbs on a mesh object - but that is a ‘poor second’ I suspect, to what the OP wants…


@outletplug - skp makes meshes - that is its strength and limitation - the best you can do is to get a version with each polygon as a trimmed face in a polysurface.



I see, so building a model in rhino would be more efficient than trying to import a sketchup model into rhino?

That only depends on what you will be doing with the Sketchup model in Rhino. If you are only going to use it as a prop in a rendering, you can just import that. If you will be modifying that model, it would probably be more efficient creating that from scratch in Rhino.

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