Make 2d with Sketchup model


I would like to bring some Sketchup models (pieces of furniture) into my Rhino model.

However, when I “Make2d” my model, the pieces of furniture imported from Sketchup do not appear in the 2d result, I would like to know why …

Thank you !

HI Armandi - Make2d in V5 does not do meshes - the V6/WIP does though.


OK I see.

Any solution on how to bring sketchup models that allow me to make2d ? Or any Rhino library that provides good models (besides Grabcad) ?

Thanks !

Hi Armandi - if the skp objects are relatively simple, you can choose to import them as trimmed planes rather than meshes and that may do OK in Make2d. Or MeshToNurb what you have - again, if relatively simple meshes. Or… use the V6/WIP.


you still can use MeshOutline combined with DupMeshHoleBoundary on your imported models. for more detail DupMeshEdge and then make a 2d from that. just dont move the camera after MeshOutline you will see what i mean. if its too much work because the objects are too complex just use MeshToNurb as pascal suggested complex objects may need a bit juice to compute and from there you use make2d.