Importing from Autocad to Rhinoceros

Hi, hope that someone can help me!

I am importing a model created in Sketchup but exported to Autocad so that I can import it to Rhinoceros. When I import it it comes as meshes and my base model created in Rhino gets too heavy. Is there a way I can export from Sketchup or Autocad into Rhinoceros as solids or surfaces?

Thanks for your help

If the file is Sketchup V8 or earlier, it should come in directly to Rhino and you can choose whether to open as meshes or trimmed planes, but either way it will not be smooth surfaces, if that is what you expect. If you bring it in as planes, it will be as a face for each mesh face in the original, probably not what you have in mind and no smaller than the mesh in terms of file size.


Is the original model in sketchup surface/solids?
If it is then you need to look at the Sketchup export options, does it have a sufrace/solids option?
Rhino has no problems opening a Autocad file with surfaces/solids in it.