Rhino SketchUP Import

Bummer that Rhino doesn’t read lines from a sketchup file.

it does, right?

or, i’m probably misinterpreting something here… but if i draw a line in sketchp, save the .skp, then import it to rhino… the line is there.

Yeah your right. Any idea why these lines don’t import into Rhino. I recieved this file today from some in our office an when I import it nothing came through.

they come in but they’re hidden… not sure why. Import the .skp then run the _Show command.

they’re a few thousand feet away from the origin so that may be part of the problem?

also, a heads up on sharing that file… it has 120 materials in it but you can purge the file prior to saving… it will then be 37KB instead of 8MB

Model Info -> Statistics -> Purge Unused

Awesome. Thanks for the help and tip.

hi guys, a surprise suddenly a post about sketch up, might as well ask you a question thats been bothering me for quite sometimes
whenever I got files from a model done in Sketch up ,once I bring it to Rhino, everything is tesselated (tons of triangle) is there a trick or setting in Sketch up to avoid this? ( due to the nature of SU modeller, its not a surprise to see a planar 10 sided mesh)



Do you want it as a mesh? If you want it as nurbs surface you can check this button.

NURBS would be better, awesome, I will try it tomorrow, I will let you know if I succeed, thanks :smile: