Sketchup import has many lines on curved

I’ve tried mergealledges and mergeallfaces, but it doesn’t help. The sketchup model has way too many lines on curved areas. Also, I noticed solids are not solid, but open surfaces, so my clippingplanes don’t show a proper fill in my views. How would I fix both of these issues?

Hi Peter - since SketchUp works with meshes, you’ll always get tessellated ‘curves’ along the edges - no way around that as far as I know.


I can help you on this. Sometimes i need to work like you do.

First of all. You will need to have SOLIDS inside Sketchup. It is the first thing to start from. If you can not have SOLIDS inside it then forget about Rhino read that as closed polysurfs.

To do that… Clean all your Sketchup File. Go make GROUPS in every part. And Re-check it in model info tab if result in SOLID.

  • Then, inside Rhino, IMPORT SKP file (previous save in SKP 2013).
    It will pop-up a Rhino Menu.
  • You need to choose: Trimed Plane and Check Join edges.
  • Rhino will open your SKP file as closed polysurf.

If this wont do the result as i say. Then try to cap your import SKP model.

If you need more help just ask

Thanks @Architex, I don’t have sketchup so I’ll see about getting a trial copy.

Can you send me the SKP file? Only if you need, of course.

Thank you for the offer, but it’s been put on hold by client for the time being.

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