SketchUp to Rhino Import Issues and Clean Up


I am trying to bring a SketchUp file into Rhino 5 clean it up and export as a .obj file. I am having issues with mesh normals when I import my .skp file, so I have instead imported my file as a .fbx, which seems to resolve the normals issue. Both files seem to have a large amount of triangulation much of which seems unnec essary (I’m a SketchUp guy so I’m a bit foggy in this area). I have used the “merge two edge faces” tool which does remove some of the lines but seems to create new issues. I have also used the Repair Mesh tool which seems to fix many of the issues from the import.

Is there a way to clean up these messy(unnecessary) edges?

Is there a good tutorial on cleaning up SketchUp models imported into Rhino or a suggested work flow?

Any suggestions would help.

Model on left is skp import, model on right is fbx import.

I’m using Rhino 5, and SketchUp 8 Pro



Hi Lars- try Unweld at 0 degrees on the ugly model- is that better?

Thanks Pascal, that fixed the nomals issue!

Do you happen to have any ideas for the mesh edges?

  • Lars

HI Lars - sorry, I overlooked that bit- try QuadrangulateMesh. Any luck?


No luck still the same mess. Any other ideas?