Single line option for text object


seems there is currently no option for single line text in TextObject command.

this renders a number of Font options useless, especially when preparing text work for machining and the necessity for single line text has massive implications for time/cost.

have not looked into the brute force scripting approach. example:

any thoughts or suggestions? i may very well be missing an obvious solution to this.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

TextObject, when using a single stroke font, should work when checking “Allow single stroke fonts”.

(Mary Ann Fugier) #3

Hi Daclark,
You can download a Single Stroke font from here.
After download, double click on RhSS.ttf and pick Install.
Your Mac Font Book will appear.

At this point you can create the text curves with TextObject command in Rhino.
Browse for the RhSS in “all fonts” category.
Don’t be disappointed when you see it.
It is good for machining, but does not display well.

Let us know if this works for you.
Mary Fugier

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Create objects and save them as tools?

Thank you Mary! You are very kind to share this remarkable font. Have a great day.



Is this only for Mac… is there an option for windows? and that will transfer to autocad?

(John Brock) #6