Engraving/Single-Line Font

Is there an “allow single line fonts” checkbox/option in mac beta? Or only PC?

Hi Siri,
I am not convinced the “allow single font” works well, even under Rhino for Windows.
You can add additional Fonts to the Mac OS.
You can find some that are single stroke engraver fonts.

I added ScarpalLT, which was support to be a single stroke.
When I use it, it still gets applies as a closed “double” curve.
However, nearly all I have tried either are unreadable like these that we got from MecSoft:

Sorry I do not have a good solution for these single stroke fonts.
Maybe someone else can recommend a font that they use in Rhino Mac or Rhino for Windows.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

Hi Mary,

I am not having trouble with making single line fonts in Rhino 5 for PC, (I have shown an example of MecSoft Font 1), but my friend is having troubles in the Rhino Mac Beta. His fonts turn out like your MecSoft font above, with symols like “1” adding an extra curve to become a triangle. We wondered if this is because there is no “allow single line fonts” checkbox, like there is in the full Rhino 5 PC version.

Thank you for your insight. We will try different fonts until one works.