Since V-Ray 3.0 performance issues in Rhino

Since I upgraded V-Ray to version 3.0 (from 2.0) I have severe performance issues with Rhino. It makes Rhino crash occassionaly, while Rhino used to be one of the most stable and safe programs I work with.

Rhino seems to work ‘slower’, consuming more memory from my computer. Commands react less quickly.

Do more people have these issues and are they known with the developers? I reported already some crashes.

Not sure what’s going on but I have problems with V-Ray 3 also. I normally work in Thea, but when I set current renderer to V-Ray, my fans start howling - even though I haven’t done anything other than change the renderer. Sometimes Rhino will get stuck and I have to force close it. This is almost always right after rendering something with V-Ray.

Also, I seem to have quite a number of V-Ray / Chaos processes going simultaneously as seen in my task manager. Maybe that’s as it should be but it seems strange.

Hopefully these are growing pains.

I’ve had a few crashes using V-Ray v3, very unusual for Rhino to crash so I suspect it is V-Ray. I haven’t used the more recent release yet so hopefully the problems are being fixed.

‘Happy’ to hear that I’m not the only one with the issues. Unfortunately the latest V-Ray release does not fix these problems.

I’ve set the current renderer to Rhino Render while I work, hopefully that will prevent the crashes.

I haven’t had it crash unless I’m actually using V-Ray. I leave V-Ray set as my default renderer and can work in Rhino without problem. The only issues I’ve had are a few crashes when I’m applying materials or setting up a render.