First Vray 3.4 for Rhino tests

First test using new Vray for Rhino on an old flyingarchitecture free scene…

Still old shaders, testing new rectangular light shape and progressive mode…

Great improvements!!


Nice! how’s renderspeed?

I thought it was called v 3.0. The version 3.4 is for other apps, like Studio MAX

Thanks. I’ve seen a lot of their marketing stuff and they must be abbreviating the version to ‘3’ for simplicity.

I’m still waiting for Chaos Support to provide my download. Apparently, they are swamped and way behind.

May be! i’ve tested it only a few hours, it seems really fast, much cleaner. Just found one bug, i must write Chaos Support because of some CUDA issues.

Hope to see your tests soon!!

I’ve been doing the first tutorial and have to say, this version of VRay is the most unstable piece of software I have ever used. When it’s working it’s great but at this point in time it’s just a pretty face with no substance. I guess we are all beta testers now.

I think once all the bugs are handled it’ll be great but I would never, ever consider doing production work with it in the condition it is in.

I am so used to Rhino being rock solid stable. Must have crashed 10 times in the last hour doing exactly what the tutorial shows to do. I guess it’s time to start reporting crashes to McNeel.

If it doesn’t crash without you using Vray, there’s no point in sending those to McNeel…


They send a report to Vray, that’s what the answered me

It crashed once to me, applying frame stamp on the VFB, quite strange. ANyway i agree with you, we all are beta testers, sure there’ll be a service pack soon…

much faster!! much cleaner results

I’m surprised that V-Ray is crashing so much, I’ve been using the Beta for a couple of months and I can only remember one crash. Admittedly I wouldn’t describe myself as a power user, but I usually manage to get a half decent render out of it. I was very impressed with the Beta so ordered my upgrade straight away. It isn’t up and running yet but I hoped it would be even more stable, I’m a bit worried now. I might stick with the Beta for a bit longer.

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I crash when I try to use the final render. I use the interactive one with 2 GPU’s , 780 Ti’s and don’t really have any issues except for the occasional material dropping out. Switch to the non-interactive render and crash more times than not.

Once stable, I can see myself using VRay a lot. Nice interface and lay-out…wish native Rhino was as fluid.

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I have participated in the beta testing, now I’m using the final version, I’m not having problems …
This one of my last tests…


Good to know. Turning off GPU acceleration while ‘Progressive’ rendering is enabled seems to stop the crashing.

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Hi everyone, any ideia why trial version V-ray 3.4 plugin won´t load ? Crash Rhino at the starp up. [ Happens the same with Sketchup for window. I also tried to load the plugin in safe mode, but without any successful result so far.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi this scene was made in Rhino?
Where do you get all this accessories to populate the scene?

Yes, of course, it is done in Rhino.

The books are from cgaxis.

the potted plant is a model I found in SketchUp Wherehouse, modified by me.

Everything else is done inside Rhino.

Sofa cushions are done in Rhino? I’m impressed!! I thought they were done using subD in Max or similar soft and then imported inside Rhino.

Oh I am sorry, those are made in marvelous designer… :stuck_out_tongue: