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Is there an easy way to simplify the meshes as seen in the file? The 3D shape has to be out of multiple flat surfaces. Where can I look for references like this or is there a plugin that I can use? ThanksSimplify|attachment (18.5 KB)

Hi @nick.heijne,

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Thank you didn’t see it. Hope it works now.
Simplify (18.5 KB)

I can think of two native ways @nick.heijne,

Simplify (28.3 KB)

You can play around with the parameters on this python component wich calls into Rhinocommon
And probably even better results will come out of the SimpleRemesh component of Kangaroo2 but @DanielPiker, broke it in a recent update as you can read here:

Maybe you can tell a little more what your actual goal is? there might be a better way or a plugIn…

If you have access to V7 WIP you can also use the new Quadremesher in grasshopper to get nice meshes from your breps: (103.7 KB)

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Thanks for your reply! The goal is to get a “diamond” like pattern with flat surfaces so we can easily unfold the mesh into an 2d form.

For diamond patterns you can have a look at Lunchbox and Paneling tools.

Both can create diamond grids on polysurface (breps)

QuadRemesher in Grasshopper is very useful…interesting.
Does it have the same options that I find on Rhino QuadRemesher?

Its not natively implemented. I am using rhinocommon in a scripting component, the exposed options seem to be quite similar to the command:

Ok i’ll do some tests…Thanks :grinning:

So I did something else then you suggested (but I think it might work). I made this wireframe. Is there a way to convert all the curved lines in the list with straight lines? After this I want to make faces with surface boundary component.