Quad Mesh for Grasshopper?

One of my many regrets about TSplines was their feeble support for Grasshopper. Will this command be available at some point in GH?

As it is avalaible in Rhinocommon it seems quite easy to implement it in GH

quadmesherGH.gh (5.9 KB)


You can also find another Grasshopper example for the QuadRemesher attached to the bottom of the first post here.


Seems to work great in Rhino, but the mentioned Grasshopper example does not produce any usable output, only null

I am using Work In Progress (7.0.19337.11095, 12/03/2019)

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Hi Thomas - I’m not sure which mentioned Grasshopper example you are referring to here. The one in this thread and the one in the thread that is referred to seem to work fine here.

I do notice that with the default QuadRemesh components that just have been added to the WIP, the output of the settings component is always and when that is used in the QRMesh component, a mesh is not produced. I’ll check around for that one.

Hi Wim

attached the example file I am using.

I just restarted Rhino to try again. Now the output is 4 meshes and two times null. When I increase the timeoutSeconds, eventually all 6 Meshes are generated. But this didn’t help the last time.

I don’t quiet understand what you mean with settings component ins always on. Anything I can change in the example?

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QuadRemesh_Example.gh (873 KB)

Hi Thomas - it sounds like that is hardware-specific and that you might have to increase the timeout above 10 seconds for some models. That’s just a guess, though, and @Trav might know more about it since he put that component together.

Very recently, two new components were added to Grasshopper: Quad Remesh and Quad Remesh Settings.

I saw that they were in WIP 7.0.19337.22145 which is just half a day newer than the version that you are running. So it is possible (but I haven’t checked) that those components are not in your version.
At any rate, that settings component seems to only output < null > in my tests so far.

Note: Now checked against (7.0.19337.11095, 12/03/2019) - these components are not in that version.