Removing seams from brep/mesh

I created these shapes with grasshopper using boolean unions and differences from extruded elements.

My problem is this creates extra seams which also cause extra issues making curve selections in RhynoCAM much more complex and time consuming.

Is there any way to simplify the shapes? I tried exploding the brep but the problem remains.

seams (511.8 KB)

Have you ever tried Merge Faces?

seams (507.1 KB)


Super thanks! I didn’t know this module!

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@HS_Kim Beer is on me if you come to Luxembourg!

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MergeAllCoplanarFaces is a magical command in Rhino 7! :mage:

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I tried to explode the modell and delete duplicate seams but just didnt manage. I knew there was a simpler method like cull duplicates but just lost it halfway. Thanks for sharin this jewel.

Is this available in GH?

Isn’t it what @HS_Kim’s script shows above? If not you can quickly script it with Python or C#, since it’s available in the API (cf. Rhino.Geometry.Brep.MergeCoplanarFaces()).

Hi Diff-Arch

Rhino script not seemingly like GH (or a subset of) i didn’t assume they were the same.

RhinoScript is VB scripting, right? I’m not too familiar with that, but here’s an example on how to do it in Grasshopper - merging coplanar faces by the way works like @HS_Kim has shown above in Grasshopper - and I’ve included a quick Pythonic solution, if you’re curious to see how that works, just for demonstration purposes! (6.8 KB)

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Hello Diff-arch,

Thanks for the example! Definitely interesting.