Convert Polysurface to Mesh for FEA


I have some joined nurbs-surfaces and need a clean finite mesh based on that polysurface. It’s important to get a mesh with similar and equilateral tris. Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Chris - is this discussion any help?:

Hi Daniel, thanks for your response! Yes, I’m looking like something like this! I copied the unblocked files in die rhino-plugin and grasshopper-components folder but it doesn’t shows up. What I’m doing wrong?

Edit: Ah, it shows up in Grasshopper! I’ll test it right now!

Daniel, do you have a example setup for the script? I pluged my polysurface-brep in but getting a error. “Data conversion failed from Goo to Mesh”

(Sorry for my impatience - I need it for my bachelor thesis and time is running…)

Once the rhino plugin is installed (by dropping the rhp onto rhino) it
should be possible to call it with the command MMTriangles from the rhino
command line. There isn’t any icon

Ok, it works but the Tesselation isn’t changing.

“The MMTriangles command added one mesh to the document.” shows up but there is no modified or tesselated geometry.

Edit 2: Ok, it works on single surfaces. So I have to explode my polysurface and tesselate every surface?

Ok, I figured out how it works. Really nice! Thank you! Last question: is it possible to define edge lengt < 0.5 mm or to keep sharp edges?