Possible approach to create simplified geometric copy of a smooth brep shape

Hello fellow Rhino and grasshopper users,

I have a question how to approach my desired transformation of a 3D brep.
As shown in first picture I have a 3D brep model in rhino3D (right side) of a car part, now this shape is very smooth and detailed.
I wish to create a copy of this shape but then simplified and geometric.
I have tried extracting isocurves simplifing those and then rebuilding a surface with those lines (left in the picture) this is already a bit in the right direction, however this is not really what I desire.
I prefer two main parameters in the eventual grasshopper script. First would be the ‘roughness’ of the generated shape.
Second that it always creates a shape which is ‘wider’ than the original surface, so that the new shape doesn’t intersect with the original one (when I just simplify the curve is will intersect as seen in the second picture).

I hope somebody can give some tips or make a small sketch in grasshopper to teach me how they would approach/solve this problem.

I attachted the rhino3D file with the brep and the simple grasshopper script which was made in order to get the simplified version of the brep.

Thanks in advance,


example for forum.3dm (1.3 MB)
forum doc.gh (9.8 KB)

Nobody has any clue?