"simple" Question? changing Units

how do i change units from meters to cm or mm so that i get 100cm or 1000mm instead of one meter. that is something i could never get behind… using Rhino for so long i am am actually embarrassed.

i know i can change the units in the settings, but it then asks if i either want to scale which i do not since it moves everything and changes everything, choosing no it results in 1cm where i had 1 meter etc…

i am guessing i am out of luck or just dumb… or?

the distance command for instance has a handy function so switch the units, i wish i could switch units for the entire workspace.

If your objects are the actual size you think they are, like meters, then answer Yes to scaling, so 1 meter becomes 100cm or 1000mm.

If you figured out you were wrong and were modeling in mm, but thought you were in inches, then answer No. You want want 10 to stay10.

I think the distance command has command line options to convert the measured distance in other units.

Remember that when you change units, you may need to adjust the Grid and grid snap settings too. Then there are the named annotation style settings.