Changing interface in rhino for MAC

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to have a windows - like interface in Rhino for Mac.
With themes we are now a step further, but (i’m running rhino on a Mbpro) it will be great to have an option to reduce the horizontal dimensions of “layers” “properties” tabs in order to have more space for modeling and all the infos on the same screen.
Also the main tool palette has a changed (and more spacious) layout which is difficult for expert users to use.
Is there a solution suitable on the current build?

Thank you


The first thing to acknowledge is that running Rhino on just a laptop screen is going to require compromises. These’s just not enough screen real estate to be comfortable. With that in mind, a few ideas:

  1. Get an external display. Problem solved. 8^)
  2. Increase display resolution (not recommended). This will get you more (virtual) pixels, but the images will be smaller and fuzzier, and this will likely impact OpenGL performance.
  3. Keep the right sidebar closed. Use the Layers and Object Properties popover buttons in the tool bar.
  4. Slide the divider in the left sidebar to the bottom to hide all the Osnap settings. Use the Osnap popover in the tool bar instead.
  5. Make the tool palette buttons smaller in Rhinoceros > Preferences > Tool Palette.
  6. You can keep the left sidebar hidden by reading ideas in

Ok, thank you. The MBPRO screen is comfortable, in addition i use the iPad as second screen. But my principal question is: i love to have the toolbars in panels (left and right side) BUT why i can’t choose the horizontal dimension of those panels?
It will be useful to choose the vertical (possible) and horizontal (not possible) dimension, like in the windows version.
Thank you!