Popover OSnap (Build 493)

Hmmm…. Maybe I’m missing something, but solely having the “popover” Osnap in the Toolbar seems like a definite “un-improvement”.

I really liked the previous Osnap display—which allowed one to have Osnaps visible while drawing (displayed in the left column, at the bottom). This simplified matters greatly, since one could easily glance over and see what snaps were “on” or “off”. The only (slight) problem before was the overlapping of tools and Osnaps in the left column. The ability to rearrange tools and/or have a slider for tools and Osnaps would have solved this handily.

Now, in build 493, it’s difficult (impossible?) to remember which Osnaps are active, requiring even more mousing (or a keyboard shortcut, if one is an advanced user) while drawing.

If the goal is simplicity, maybe you can allow users to toggle on/off a sticky display of Osnaps? I’d gladly give up screen space somewhere, anywhere, for this critical information to always be on. Now, the smallest width view of the left column with three columns for tools, (instead of a narrower version with two full columns) leaves 1/2 the left column empty at the bottom. Why not put snaps back in (like it was before), using icons for snaps if words are objectionable?

Alternatively, there is a lot of unused real estate in the Toolbar that could be used, or even allow this in the right column as an option?

I would also like to place my vote for docking osnaps. It was much better in the previous version to have them available without the floating window.

A better and compact osnap bar proposal…

A toolbar osnap bar proposal…

It’s already possible in current mac Rhino. Just go to Settings- Themes and activate Include Osnap panel in command sidebar

For me, this could be the perfect osnap bar, with an ON / OFF buttons.
In rhinoceros for windows we don’t have the option that you have in mac.

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Regardless of the appearance or location of any OSnap options which one has to manually click with a mouse, I propose that “the ideal OSnap” (easiest and fastest), would also allow users—while actively drawing—to simply press a shortcut key for the desired snap.

In this way, no additional mousing or box-checking/unchecking is needed.

In addition, Ortho would constrain solely to the plane one is drawing on—***snapping only to items on that plane!***—rather than generating a snap that is out of plane as happens currently (to great frustration and potential for serious errors if unnoticed). ~Dave

That is a good idea, though we should also be able to preset ones we use more often from the panel.

We have that … My custom middle mouse button popup.

Toggle Osnap gives me this …

Set this up in a custom palette here …

IHTH «Randy

This method is ABSOLUTELY the way to go, and I use it all the time. ~Dave

On a MacBookPro assigning a three fingers sweep for the ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor is also a good fast option.
In addition i feel it would be nice to have [somewhere fixed] just icons that show the current active Osnaps


you could do that with macros or keyboard shortcuts… you could assign ‘E’ to a macro:

Osnap End Enter

pressing the E key will now toggle the end osnap.

you can float an osnap panel on mac via control-U or the command _ShowOsnap

there’s also an object snap tool palette available if you want icons:

…however, the icons aren’t highlighted on/off as your earlier image shows.

Does this reliably work for you, Jeff? I tried setting this up some months ago after Pascal suggested the same and we found it didn’t work consistently. (I can’t recall the issues, but there’s a post somewhere on the specifics). Maybe this has been improved?


I use it for one osnap… center.
seems ok to me but then again, I don’t use it often.
center is usually off for me but if I foresee needing it, I’ll switch it on with the macro.
if I’m in the middle of a command, I’ll generally bring up the panel under cursor and click the box.

in other words, I don’t really know if it’s reliable. :wink:
whatever problems you found in the past with this method might still be a problem.