Sidebar doesn't work

The command cmd+Alt+0 (to hide and unhide the right sidebar doesn’t work anymore. It really important for my workflow.
How can I resolve this problem?

The two keyboard shortcuts cmd+0 and cmd+alt+0 are working here to hide the sidebars in RC3… what version are you using? Also, check that they are still listed in Preferences>Commands>Customize>Keyboard Shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts access the ToggleRightSidebar and ToggleLeftSidebar commands.

I am using the new Version 5.0 (5A584) of Rhino, and in the preferences and in the View Menu are still active both commands

Strange. Can you try updating to 5A855 which is the latest RC3 build. Any luck?

Hi Rafa,
I have running Mavericks, Rhino Build number = 5A855 and it works as expected.
Which OS version do you run? Can you send us to your system report?

Also can you send us a screen shot of Rhinoceros menu -> Commands -> Customize -> Keyboard shortcuts. See my image of Keyboard shortcuts attached. Please send yours.

Thanks for letting us know.
Mary Fugier

Hi! I downloaded the new version of rhino, and in the first try it didn’t work again. Then I unistalled and installed one more time, and then worked.

Now can I work again :wink:


Thanks for the update and the details, Rafa.
This is really good to hear and could potentially help another user.

Mary Fugier