Toggle / Hide Sidebar Windows

Hi all,
I’m used to work with Rhino for Mac, got a new Job and I have to use Windows here.
I had customized my UI in Mac so everything you could see was just the View and nothing else. I did everything with the command prompt.

In Rhino for Mac there is a command !_ToggleLeft/RightSidebar which I couldn’t find in Windows.
This was a very easy way to show and hide the left and right sidebars if needed, once I set up aliases ‘x’ and ‘y’ for that.

I am really missing this feature in Rhino for Windows.
Is there anything I could do to get this feature? Might there be a plugin?


Hi Julian - you can do something like this for the main sidebar - first you’ll need to remove the sidebar setting from the top toolbars in their Properties (right click a tab).

! _-Toolbar _Group "Default" _Toggle "Main" _Enter _Enter _Enter


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